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Poor power quality is an unseen, overlooked cause for many major systems disruptions, interfering with daily operations, safety measures, and even resulting in long-term downtime and costly repairs. Power quality phenomena is costing U.S. businesses between $119-$188 billion in losses. Dirty wave shapes caused by dips, swells, and sags can be destructive to your facility, your equipment, and even with the right PQ meter, it requires an experienced PQ engineer to understand the data and provide the most efficient solutions to your specific problems.  

This is where Advanced Power Quality, Inc. (APQ) comes in. An industry leader in power quality solutions with decades of experience, APQ has the know-how and simple, flexible applications to pinpoint the source of any inconsistent power supply and provide solutions for mitigating the problem.

APQ offers fast, reliable power quality support to your facility to make sure your power critical operations keep moving your business forward. 

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Power Quality Analyzers & Recorders

We use and supply only the best power quality analyzers and recorders to troubleshoot and capture the most hidden power quality issues and provide detailed reporting to help you understand the findings.


Power Quality Investigations

With thousands of power quality investigations under our belt, you can rely on APQ to solve your most complicated power quality challenges. We send a team of highly experienced PQ experts to perform an onsite investigation when needed.


Power Load & Harmonics Acceptance Studies

We gather critical data from power quality analyzers to determine the overall health and stability of your power system as well as measure the harmonic distortion levels to determine if harmonics voltages and currents are at an acceptable level.


Remote Power Quality Monitoring

Cut costs and lower your chances of unexpected power failures with predictive maintenance that monitors your power quality health and critical systems remotely, giving you early proactive warnings before any major power disruptions take place.

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