Basic Introduction to Power Quality Monitoring

Power Quality Monitoring is the effort to collect, measure and analyze the voltage and the current of a given system over an extended period of time, to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

Power quality monitoring can be used to characterize specific power quality problems, system performance issues or as an ongoing preventative measure in avoiding serious power disturbances that can cause major and costly production shutdowns and equipment failures.

The Process

The Power Quality Monitoring process must be designed according to the predefined objectives and the right equipment must accurately process power quality data,  interpret its findings and make it conveniently available in order to stay ahead of any identified power quality issues that could affect production.

The most common and comprehensive approach to monitoring power quality is with the use of a permanent or portable monitoring system that can automatically and continuously collect, interpret and send critical data when systems are in jeopardy. 

Difference between Power Quality Monitoring and a Power Quality Study

The main difference between monitoring and obtaining a PQ study is that monitoring is continuous long term power quality data collection which aims to improve system performance and provide predictive or just-in-time maintenance measures.

A power quality study on the other hand is typically used to identify the root cause of an existing power quality problem that may already be causing disruptions. PQ monitoring and PQ Studies are often used together as a more comprehensive approach to fixing immediate power quality issues and providing just-in-time maintenance measures.

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