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power quality study and analysis

What is a power quality study and analysis?

A Power Quality Study involved the measure and analysis of harmonic distortions, voltage sags or surges, transients, and other power quality irregularities that can potentially cause major disruptions to facility operations. With the ever-increasing large-scale use of electronics with non-linear power consumption, power quality has been deteriorating, causing major economic losses. This is why power quality studies have become the new norm for companies and industries that have too much to lose when production is disrupted.  

Common Symptoms of Poor Power Quality

Study Objective

When performing a power quality study, the main objective is to identify the root cause of the electrical disturbances so that we can recommend the proper solution to mitigate the problem. It also allows for establishing a proper maintenance plan to keep all systems running smoothly which will not only provide immediate cost-cutting benefits by stabilizing normal energy consumption, improving production output but even more importantly it will substantially reduce the possibility of catastrophic systems and equipment failure which could result in major financial loses. 

Benefits and Expectations from a Power Quality Study

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